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Florida Permit to Carry Application

FL Dept of Agriculture website

PAMPHLET (this is a legal-size quad fold document in .pdf format)
Questions and Answers Pertaining to the Use of Deadly Force

Application, instructions, and laws (.pdf file)

The instructions can be found at the beginning of the file.  The application can be printed from the last pages.  A hard copy via mail, including a fingerprint card, may be ordered from the FL website.

Florida does not honor other non-resident permits.  While it is similar to the UT non-resident permit in coverage, and a FL non-resident permit is honored by most other states, nevertheless, it is not honored by MN or MI.  Neither does FL honor the MN or non-resident UT permits.  Therefore, in order to carry in MN and MI, a MN resident must apply in person for the MN resident permit.  And in order to carry in FL, one must apply through the mail and receive a FL non-resident permit.  Allow several months for the seven year FL permit to be processed.

Not confused yet?  See handgunlaw.us for state laws and reciprocity maps.

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