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Pictured above is our highest recommendation for a backup weapon, the Kel-Tec P3-AT in 380acp caliber.  It has the slimmest body, about 3/4", and the lightest weight, 10.9oz. fully loaded, of any 380 tested so far.  With acceptable sights and double action only trigger, offhand groups at 15 feet stayed well under 2".  Using a lock up design, the barrel tilts down at the rear and facilitates feeding all types of ammo without a jam.  The trigger guard is tight.  With a tight two finger hold recoil is manageable.  Both the recoil spring and the hammer spring resist the slide when loading or unloading.  Wrap a small piece of leather or rubber over the slide to aid the grip, and use stiff arms with a push/pull from the shoulders to rack the slide back.  The ramped barrel doesn't support the case head as well as a blowback design, so loads should be kept on the mild side.  As defects may occur in anything mass produced, run at least 100 rounds through any new weapon you plan to use as protection.  The steel barrel, slide, and  working parts are fine, the alloy block frame showed some battery from the slide, but this is a weapon that is so comfortable to carry, and hopefully, it won't be shot a lot.  The polymer grip body pinned to the frame block is tough and lightweight.  It rides unobtrusively in an Uncle Mikes #1 pocket or a #10 ankle holster, and removes any excuses for not being able to carry, except possibly on the beach at Negril. : )

More Information about Kel-Tec P3-AT

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"Hell, when the man said Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, I just thought he was making a delivery!" ~John Wesley Rawles


Solutions to the ten most common problems

10.     Solution:  Believe everything you hear.

          Problem:  Government officials deny they have any specific intelligence.

 9.       Solution:  Learn to speak Farsi.

          Problem:  Your all expense paid vacation to India is to train your replacement. 

8.       Solution:  Install a Jacuzzi.

          Problem:  Cannibals surround the wood fire that heats your hot tub. 

7.       Solution:  Take the money and run.

          Problem:  Your accountant testifies before a senate subcommittee. 

6.       Solution:  Good behavior.

          Problem:  Your new privacy fence is made out of barbed wire. 

5.       Solution:  Get a new agent.

          Problem:  The rider on your car insurance turns out to be a hitchhiker. 

4.       Solution:  Practice getting out of a bear hug.

          Problem:  You hear a click instead of a bang. 

3.       Solution:  Volunteer for KP duty.

          Problem:  Your orders put you between Iraq and a hard place. 

2.       Solution:  Try internet dating.

          Problem:  Your mail order bride is already six months postage due. 

1.       Solution:  Try a different position once in awhile.

          Problem:  Same sex marriage.





 [Anatomy - Tactics - Drills] [MN Permit] [Relevant MN Laws] [UT Permit] [FL Permit] [Q & A's] [Quotes] [Late Breaking News]

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