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A Synopsis of the Minnesota Carry Permit

(where you can and cannot carry...what you can and cannot do)

The MN permit allows you to carry as many guns as you wish both openly or discretely in public throughout the state.  This includes bars, restaurants that serve alcohol, city buildings, city parks, state buildings, state parks, and according to federal law now, in federal parks, too.  The law allows you to carry with less than a .04 BAC, but no alcohol on board is perhaps wisest, especially when questioned in front of a jury.  And if you get tossed out of the boat with too much hardware, you may have trouble treading water.


The permit allows you to carry long guns in public, but in any motor vehicle, rifles and shotguns must be unloaded and cased.  Of course, all federal buildings are off limits, including ranger stations, post offices, airport secure areas, etc.  You may be able to carry in a federal parkís out house, if you just want to shoot the (expletive deleted.)


In order to carry in state buildings in the capitol area and county courthouses, you need to send a letter of notification in advance, examples of which can be found on the MN Application page of gunthorp.com.  Your name is supposed to go on a list of good guys.  If you carry openly, it may take three days to find your name on the list.


If you are not a student or employee, you may carry anywhere on the campus or events of PUBLIC post secondary institutions, like UMD, Lake Superior College, or Vocational Technical schools.


You cannot carry in secondary schools, their busses, playgrounds, or any building or property under their control.  This means high school, junior high, elementary, kindergarten, nursery school, and day care, unless you have the written permission of the principal or director.  Only with a permit, you may be able to carry in a school parking lot in order to secure the gun in the car before you enter other school property.


You should secure the gun in your car in the parking lot of any private establishment or business that posts signs banning guns at all their entrances.  However, landlords may not restrict lawful carry by tenants or their guests.  The MN Attorney General views malls as landlords.  Nevertheless, discrete carry in malls, posting unenforceable signs, is highly recommended.


Unfortunately, open carry invites misunderstanding and has caused legal expense and incarceration delays before a judge can dismiss any wrongdoing.  There may be better ways to fund the purchase of more guns than trying to hit the jackpot with a civil liberty suit against the authorities. 

Upon lawful demand, you must show your permit, a photo ID, and tell whether or not you are carrying.  At your discretion, it may be to your advantage to disclose this information to a police officer, before he requests or suspects it.


MN doesnít yet have laws allowing the defensive display of a firearm.  Any act you do, by word, or gesture, intended to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm or death can be considered assault, especially if you take an active part in a confrontation.  You have a duty to retreat, as long as itís possible and safe to do so.  Creating or maintaining distance, especially moving to cover, is a lifesaving priority.  If there is a disparity of force in favor of the attacker(s), he has the ability, opportunity, and intent to harm or kill, you may use deadly force to resist or prevent his act.  But the instant the threat of great bodily harm or death is over, immediately you must switch back to a cautious Minnesota Nice.


Carry discretely; the small extra time it takes to access your defensive tool is more than compensated by the tactical advantage in your favor of surprise.



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