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Manufacturer                                    Recommendations

{Benjamin-Sheridan}                      .177 pump pellet pistol for accuracy and indoor practice

This has proved to be one of the most accurate of the low cost air pistols.  The use of non-ferrous brass alloy for the air chamber and barrel gives superior corrosion resistance.  The number of pumps determines the power level.  The guns that use Co2 cartridges start out with a lot of power, but as they loose steam the point of impact starts to drop.  If you have to spend all that energy pumping for each shot, you become more accurate to make each shot count.  Note the screw that has been added through the bottom of the trigger guard to prevent over-travel of the trigger after let-off.

Do not use steel BB's which can damage the rifled barrel.  Most pellets weigh 7.5 grains, but we recommend the heaviest pellets available for greatest impact and stability in flight. 

{Crossman}                                    .177 domed 10.5 grain Premium pellets (1250/box)





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Safety  -  Pistols  -  Rifles  -  Shotguns  -  Black Powder  -  Pneumatic


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