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F. Gardner Behrends

email:  gardner@gunthorp.com


Gardner brings over forty years of experience in firearms, specializing in handguns, reloading, and casting bullets.  An avid sailor, he is a retired Minnesota real estate broker and computer insultant.  He is the founder and head instructor of Gunthorp and a former Director of the Northwestern Gun Club, the oldest gun club in Minnesota, and the oldest NRA Gold Certified Club in the United States.  He is a federally licensed firearms dealer, a Kimber Master Dealer, 1911 style pistolsmith, NRA Life Patron Member, NRA Range Safety Officer,  and an NRA Certified Instructor for over twenty years.  He teaches the advanced and expert courses.  His favorite saying is "OODA and Don't dither!  The nick of time comes just before the moment lost."  Gardy, as his friends know him, invites students to contact him at the email address above with questions or comments  any time.


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